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. This is my page dedicated to the MSX homecomputer! Around 1985 I bought my first MSX computer (a Goldstar) and started programming the thing, first games with which I even won a contest (check out the scans of the news paper article announcing the programming contest) and eventually won a Philips VG-8235 MSX2, but then also some tools. Most of these programs were published in a Dutch MSX magazine, called MSX Computer Magazine. But after some years (in 1991 I created my last game for the MSX) I bought a PC and didn't do much with the MSX anymore, except play games!

Now that PC's have become so fast, people have been creating tools to make 'slow' again: emulators! So now we can run those great MSX games on our PC. I use the fMSX emulator (the OS/2 version) and it works great! I created a special disk containing all the software I wrote for the MSX/MSX2. You can download this from the Other Software page of this site. You can also download each individual program from the Games and Tools pages.

On this site you will find some screen-shots of this software with some information about when and where it got published, including the full article (in dutch). There are even some programs that never got published... I've also included links to sites that have great MSX stuff.

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